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DR of Congo: an oil tank of 3 billion barrels discovered on the Lake Albert

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The studies of the oil company, Oil of DRC revealed the presence of an oil tank considered at 3 billion barrels on the Lake Albert. The next stages aim at starting the preparations for the drilling of the two exploration pits on the working site by the building of infrastructures and the movement of the local communities, indicated the Reuters agency quoted by Allafrica.


According to the same source, this discovery is good news for the petroleum industry that weakly contributes to the State budget. Since about thirty years, the national production has never exceeded 30 000 barrels / day. Today, the operated coastal pool is running out and the last still operational mature fields are at their final stage of crude oil production. It has then become necessary to find out other oil fields particularly in the east of the country almost virgin. The beginning of this production site situated around the Lake Albert could allow the country to produce more than 50 000 additional barrels per day and its impact on the economy would be at least at 25 %.


It is a fascinating project but once again, the results of the study published remain temporary for lack of drilling. Beyond, it is necessary to add the harsh reality of the geographical situation of the field. Many of big oil companies avoided the eastern part of the country because of the difficult transporting of crude oil over a very long distance before reaching the points of export on the banks of the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. Difficult to think of the evacuation of the oil from Uganda because both countries maintain difficult relations, specifies Allafrica.




Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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