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DR of Congo: Denis Mukwege received Sakharov Prize 2014

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Africa Top Success reported it to you that the Congolese, Dr. Denis Mukwege won on Tuesday, 21st October 2014, the European parliament Sakharov Prize. The awards ceremony for the prize that rewards the commitment of the doctor in favor of women victims of violence in DR of Congo, took place on Wednesday, 26th November at the European parliament.

Denis Mukwege one more time seized the opportunity to remind to the members of the European Parliament that rape is a weapon of war in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. « The body of women has become a real battlefield and rape is used as a weapon of war. Many are the consequences and they impact on the whole society. The family unit is disintegrated. The social fabric is destroyed. Populations are enslaved or simply forced to exile themselves in a highly militarized economy, where the law of war Lords still imposed in the absence of a rule of law« , he explained.

As reminder, the commitment of Dr. Denis Mukwege to restore life to women victims of rape in war time is supported by the United States of America. Jen Psaki, spokesman of the United States Department declared that « health agents worldwide as Dr. Mukwege are essential partners in the support of survivors from sexual violence, whose majority are women and girls. Their care constitutes the basis for recovery and healing, and also restores the dignity survivors need to ask for justice. »

Denis Mukwege built since 1998 the hospital of Panzi where he looks after women victims of violence.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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