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Ebola: two revolutionary technologies to fight out the virus

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The Ebola virus used more than 7 500 deaths, essentially in West Africa. The African continent, such as the African Union (AU), is looking for solutions to eradicate this virus. The International Center for the strategic affairs is trying to bring its help to the continent with two innovations.

In order to end up with the Ebola virus, the International Center for the strategic affairs brought its help to Africa by presenting to the AU two revolutionary technologies, as well as its help to find funds.

Thus, the Swiss, Bioinnovation Company and the American, Alphagen set up two innovations which implementation will be made as soon as possible.

The innovation created by the Swiss company, Bioinnovation, is a kit of fast response to Ebola, reported RFI. In a simple taking, we can detect a suspected case of a person infected by the Ebola virus.

An innovation that would avoid putting the suspected people in quarantine. For the chairman of the center, Mustapha Aziz, « the technology of Alphagen is approved by the American authorities« , and is already used in Houston.

The second innovation created by the American, Alphagen, is a repulsive product to secure grounds, clothes or walls; what would allow avoiding the spreading of the virus.

At the approach of the Africa Cup of Nations taking place in Equatorial Guinea in January, these two innovations could be well tested there. It is at least the opinion of Mustapha Aziz.

« We expect the first test in Africa to be accepted or tolerated in Equatorial Guinea that will organize a great African cup« . These innovations, if they succeed, could allow the African continent eradicating this virus.


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