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Egypt: General Sissi is promising better living to his fellow citizens

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Egyptian economy will know an improvement within two years, promised on Tuesday to his fellow citizens, General Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi, the former Egyptian warlord and candidate for the next presidential elections, once at the head of his country. A country currently confronted with great difficulties after the successive expulsion of two presidents, Hosni Moubarak and Mohamed Morsi.


« Within two years, Egyptian citizens will feel improvement. The current context is special, and we want to make practicable promises », declared General Sissi who announced large-scale projects.


The latter promised that in case of victory in the elections, he would set up short term and long term plans in order to settle problems of lack of electricity, unemployment, educational and health system.


Still in the context of these elections, the candidate supported by the army, promised to increase the surface of exploitable lands in Egypt by reconquering the desert and create a new road network as well as infrastructures in order to give way to big development projects.


« We aim at 26 cities and places of interest, 22 cities for mineral industries, 08 new airports, the extension of the capital city Cairo to the sea in Ain Sokhna », asserted General Sissi.


For the achievement of these projects, he asked for assistance from Gulf States, in particular the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to finance these development projects, while calling his fellow countrymen to make any kinds of donations and investments.




Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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