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Energy Award 2014: the Togolese Mamah Alassani among prize-winners

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Togo is honored during 14th edition of Energy Award thanks to one of its sons who dedicated his research works to clean energies.

The man is Mamah Alassani who was selected with three other German researchers in renewable energies. It is for the first time for a Togolese coming out from the University for Applied Sciences of (FH-Bielefeld).

This prize rewards every year the best students or researchers from Technical Universities of Westphalia Region.

The prize-giving ceremony took place on Tuesday, 11th November in the city of Paderborn in the premises of Westfalen Weser Energie GmbH.

According to Mamah Alassani, « Africa has a delay in Energy while it possesses the cheapest energy that is renewable energy, especially solar energy« .

The latter underlined that for Africa to develop economically it must be independent regarding, it has to head for what we usually call clean energies because, « the future of the world and peoples is in the renewable energy more exactly, solar energy« .

Mamah Alassani is a native Togolese from Sokode and trained at the University for Applied Sciences of (FH-Bielefeld) in Germany. He is an Industrial Programmable Machines and Regenerative Energies engineer.

His dissertation presented more than 2 months ago was based on « Simulation Program » to solve and validate equations modeling the functioning of solar components (Isolated System) and the system connected to the network working in joint network in case of lack of the sun, drew the attention of the jury.

It was a work in association with Urbis-Foundation a NGO based in Germany but much present in Togo. Mamah Alassani installed a Photovoltaic system for a center of this foundation in Sokode.

What allows Media library to be self-sufficient in Energy in case of power outage or unballasting and thus make the happiness of all these young pupils who come there for their school researches.

We should note that this work was possible only thanks to the support of his dissertation superviser: Prof. Dr. Ing. Jürgen Schlabbach (FH-Bielefeld), Prof. Dr. Ing. Eva Schwenzfeier-Hellkamp, (FH Bielefeld).

The Jury was composed of 9 professors from Universities of Hanover, Bielefeld, Paderborn, Ostewestphalen – Lippe and from Solar Energy Research Institute of Hammel.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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