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Energy in Cameroon: reduction by 50% of the subscription fees

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ENEO, energy operator in Cameroon has just launched a democratization operation for access to energy through a reduction by 50 % of the subscription fees.

Called « a house, a meter », this mobile operation will allow to bring the connection coast in the social tax band from 19.565 to 9290 FCFA in urban zone, and from 9000 to 5300 FCFA in rural zone, calculated excluding VAT.

The local subsidiary of the British investment fund ACTIS so plans to mobilize 15.000 new subscribers by next January in Douala and Yaounde, the economic and political metropolises of the country where needs are said to be 50 000 lines.

At the same time, ENEO just launched a concept called EasyConnection that according to its competent services « proposes to inhabitants looking for a social connection and a subscription, a commercial offer up from 40.000 payable FCFA in several monthly payments« .

In this seduction operation, the operator plans to lean on young people and districts leaders associations to reach a preliminary critical mass for at least 100 demands of connection.

In order to maximize chances of success for the operation, it also created a Facebook page and as well as a phone number dedicated for its commercial center intended to register customers’ expectations.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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