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Erik Aliana: ambassador of an African traditional music!

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Erik Aliana

« I am fighting to make a heritage known that I find fragile, so much it has undergone number of mixing, mixtures and sometimes compromises! « 

Erik Aliana has just brought out his new album, “Just My Land”, a hymn to his native country, Cameroon. Eleven songs to which we listen without growing tired. More than ever he aims to be the ambassador of the African traditional music: « By exploring » polyrythmies pygmies, for example, I proclaim my filiation and my attachment to these people, and I express in my own way the necessity of valuing their contribution to the history of the humanity « 

“Just my land”, is the second album of the artist published at Buda after the first one, “Songs from Badissa”.
Erik Aliana was born in Yaoundé in 1973. He is the son of teachers native of Badissa in Mbam and Kim, a region situated in the center of Cameroon.
At seven years old, his parents offered him his first guitar, and he began playing with desire within small groups. In 1995, he made his first shows in his cabaret.

In 1999, he began to write his own compositions and created his group “Korongo”, the name of a small traditional guitar from O sananga, his ethnic group (known also under the name of Mvet) which will become Korongo jam.
Aliana Erik can play several instruments: drum kit, percussions, guitar, flute Mvet etc. …
He started his career about a decade ago with the « Korongo Jam”.
Erik Aliana does not hide his ambition: he wants to create a music « authentically African »: “Reason  why I mainly sing in the languages of my country, it is also why I express myself as wise men and the elders from our homeland express themselves, with their bombastic style, their grammar so particular« .

Erik Aliana’s fame is beyond the Continent. From 2013, he was the revelation of the half-breed Music festival in Angouleme, France. He also presented in Japan, in Korea and in the United States.
« Each and every one, while listening to my music, should feel concerned by a certain poetic and beautiful Africa or rather a dream Cameroon. That my music helps them to build a wonderful imagination and that beyond the dancing side of music, also emanate intelligence, beauty, ancestral values and the power of our culture which has to resist to the westernization of the world. »

Erika Aliaba is also a music teacher, but he really wants to devote himself to music: « I am a singing teacher in nowadays musics, certified one year ago, but I consecrate only 5 % of my time to it for the time being. It is important to make the Cameroonian music known by this way or by another one, a music which is not enough represented abroad. »

His facebook page –here

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