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Facebook is celebrating its 10 years: Africa, the main growth driver for the social network!

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Facebook110 years already!
Facebook saw the light of day on February 4th, 2004. The success of this social network is purely amazing: we count today more than 1, 12 billion users in the world. The group has just published an annual net profit of 1, 5 billion dollars (1, 1 billion euros) in 2013, or thirty times more than in 2012!!! The « baby » of Mark Zuckerberg weighs today 152 billion dollars (112 billion euros), 4, 5 billion « Likes » are daily exchanged.

 “Facebook has made the world smaller and more interactive. It unites families, friends, and neighbors worldwide. It is a real social phenomenon « , indicated Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equity Research… More than 20 % of time spent on the Internet is it on Facebook. They successfully achieved the transition from the desktop computer into the mobile. Their achievement is remarkable”

It is also a great commercial success! It is 6 % of the world expenses for advertisements on the Internet today, behind Google last year. On the mobile, this share of the market even reaches 20 %. As a result, the mobile represents more than 50 % of the advertising income of the company, against the income of the company which progressed of 55 % last year about 8 billion dollars for 1, 5 billion profits. And in the last quarter, every user returned him on average 2, 14 dollars, twice more than one year ago.

Can we say that Facebook which revolutionized our lives is going out of fashion? People asserted that young Americans, in particular, has begun to abandon this network and it will lose 80 % of its users by 2017 and it will decrease at 20 % with regard to its maximal size by December, 2014″. In the United States, the part of 13-17 years would have decreased by 25,3 % since January, 2011 and by 7,5 % for 18-24 years. Twitter or Snapchat are positive. But for 25-34 years (+ 32,6 %), for  35-54 years (41,4 %) and beyond 55 years (+ 80,4 %) compensate for this disaffection.

But caution. Mark Zuckerberg did not certainly say his last word!
Facebook is going to reserve us many surprises or to target potential markets as Africa, in particular.
We count 54 million users in 2013 against 37 million in 2011.
The top 5 countries the most connected on Facebook in 2013 on the continent are Egypt with 13 810 420 users, South Africa (5 497 940), Morocco (5 363 540), Nigeria (5 288 700) and Algeria (4 510 600). The least connected to the social network are São-Tomé and Príncipe, the Comoros, Eritrea, Seychelles, Mayotte, Equatorial Guinea and Chad.

A very promising market because only 5 % of the population possesses an active account on it. « Developing countries represent the biggest opportunity to obtain new customers, if companies find means to put these people cheaper on-line.
The boss of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg knows that the development of his network will go through partnerships with key players of the mobile of which Samsung and Nokia.

It is also for this reason that Facebook is actively working on the project « » which particularly has for objectives, to develop cheaper smartphones, to reduce the consumption of necessary data for mobile browsing and for applications use.
« If you can have a mobile phone, I think it is good for you also to have access to Internet « , esteemed Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook still has beautiful days in Africa. 600 million mobile subscribers are planned in 2016, and with a penetration rate over to 40 %, the African continent is the one which shows the strongest world dynamics.
In Africa, Facebook is assured to have another ten beautiful years ahead in spite of the competition of « Mixt, le « Facebook Africain« ….

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