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Accueil / Faouzi Bensaidi: His movies are making world tour!

Faouzi Bensaidi: His movies are making world tour!

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The international fame of Faouzi Bensaidi is unprecedented and his movies are making world tour.

« Mort à Vendre« , the last full-length film of the Moroccan director will be soon be projected in Japan whereas his « Outsiders » will be broadcast during the World Cup in Brazil.

The movie « Mort à Vendre« , was released in Morocco in 2011. It was then projected in France, in Belgium and in Switzerland.

For the director, « it is amazing that a movie, brought out in 2011 still continue to be projected in festivals… »

This movie that was projected in various festivals and that received several rewards as in 2012, the Panorama Prize at Berlinale and the the Jury Prize at the Festival of Tangier, talks about three hooligans of Tehran whose fate falls over when they meet Dounia, a prostitute in the smartest night club of the city.

It will soon come out in Japan and Urban Distribution, the company in charge of its distribution is negotiating a release in England and in Italy. Besides, the American channel, HBO, bought the broadcasting rights.

We should note that Faouzi Bensaidi is working on his new movie which name and casting are still unknown but it « raises love resistance matter in front of social and economic challenges, between people’s way of perception and the difficulties of everyday life. It also concentrates on humiliation within a couple ».


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO