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Fatou N’Diaye: « Fatou la Malienne” revealed by Oliviero Toscani

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Fatou+N+Diaye+3rd+Annual+Rome+International+95M4drO01OWxFatou Ndiaye was born in Senegal, in 1980 in Saint- Louis, Senegal and has lived in France since the age of 8 years. In 1997, she was spotted by Oliviero Toscani, the famous Benetton brand photographer of advertisements who urges her to become a model.

In 2001, she became known on TV with the TV movie Fatou la Malienne, which earned 8.5 million viewers, and rolls a 7 gold for best film and a TV Golden FIPA 2001. “The story was very strong because I met some great people in the crew of actors and technicians. And it was funny, in two months I learned a lot and I was really amused. I was less amused the after shooting when the film was released, but it remained a very fulfilling experience for me. (…) I had not considered the acting profession ! « 

She then chained roles in  » Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra Mission «  of Alain Chabat (France, 2002) and as singer in  » Nha Fala «  of Flora Gomes (Guinea Bissau, 2003).

She then takes time to manage her career even if she recognizes that it is not always easy: « The white racism does not allow blacks to succeed in France. Talent can fly in racism and all other forms of discrimination. « 

2001 : Fatou la Malienne, Tv movie by Daniel Vigne : Fatou
2002 : Astérix et Obélix , Mission Cléopâtre by Alain Chabat : Exlibris
2002 : Angelina (TV) : Angelina
2002: Nha fala by Flora Gomes: Vita
2003: Spirit of the Mask (episode of Tv series Aventure et Associés) : Celia
2003 : Fatou, l’espoir (TV) : Fatou
2004 : Une autre vie (TV) : Djenaba
2004 : Souli : Abi
2006 : Un dimanche à Kigali by Robert Favreau : Gentille
2006: Guet-apens (episode of the Tv series Alex Santana, négociateur) : Julia
2006: The Front Line by David Gleeson: Kala
2007 : Tropiques amers (TV series) : Adèle
2008 : Aide-toi, le ciel t’aidera by François Dupeyron : Liz
2008 : Marianne (TV) by Philippe Guez Scenario series against discriminations : Marianne
2010 : Victor Sauvage (TV) by Patrick Grandperret
2010 : Merci papa, merci maman (TV) by Vincent Giovanni : Audrey
2011 : Passage du désir (TV) by Jérôme Foulon : Ingrid Diesel
2013: Maison close (série TV): Pauline

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