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FESPACO: a Gabonese movie competing for the Golden standard of Yennenga

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Gabon will participate in the 24th edition of the Pan-African Cinema and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (Fespaco).

Three Gabonese works are listed in the official selection. If the short film « Moane mory: the Single child » by Amédée Pacôme Nkoulou is in the competition for the prestigious trophy of the Gold standard of Yennenga, « La colère des ancêtres » (The anger of the ancestors) by Melchy Obiang and « Sans famille » (No family) by Pauline Mvele are registered in the category of panorama of ineligible to compete.

For this edition 2015 planned from February 28th to 7th March of this year in Ouagadougou, the festival is opened to the African Diaspora and the digital movies.

This innovation allowed considering a list of 134 movies selected over 720 movies received for five sections which included in the competition.

All in all, the selection is divided as follows: 20 full-length films, 22 short films, 20 documentaries, 9 television series and 15 movies from schools as well as 48 movies ineligible to compete.

According to the Director General of Fespaco, Ardiouma Soma, « all these movies are the reflection of a dynamic Africa. These movies show Africa in its development and progress« .

For the first time, the directors will no more be obliged to realize or to convert their movie in 35 mm films; an expensive size and that became anachronistic.

The challenges of this new start will be discussed for a long time during a colloquium devoted to the « African Cinema: production and broadcasting in the digital technology era« .

Created in 1969, Fespaco is an opportunity of meetings, promotion and development of the Black cinematography.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME 

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