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FIFAS: An African Forum dedicated to Finance!

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In Africa, SMEs/SMIs have difficulty in finding financing to propel their activities. The bancarisation rate is derisory and banks are more and more reluctant to grant credit to private individuals. As for the financial system, there is no mechanism of viable financing. All these factors are a severe blow mattering for the African economy that stagnates.

African realities fundamentally differ from other continents’, requiring thus a system peculiar to it. Unlike yesterday, the financial world will today have to think of mechanisms adapted to the needs for the African private enterprises. It is the major challenge to be faced in order to make of Africa an economic El Dorado.

It is in this context that the International Forum of FINANCE in Sub-Saharan Africa (FIFAS) was initiated. For its second edition, it will be question of « Creating an African financial model« . So, from 15th to 17th June 2015, about twenty countries of Africa, Europe and America will head for the Ivorian capital for three (3) day Round Tables. In the program, the panels with themes related to bank, FINANCE and insurance.

The organizers of FIFA, FinAfrique and BNI GESTION, intend to associate personalities and professionals of the financial domain of Ivory Coast and elsewhere. This Forum will have the presence of prestigious panelists as Ministers KABA Nialé, Abdourahmane CISSE and Jean Claude BROU, to mention the few. FIFAS is the hope for an economically powerful Africa.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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