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Accueil / FIFM 2014: 15 movies competing in Marrakech

FIFM 2014: 15 movies competing in Marrakech

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It is the English full-length film « The theory of everything« , a wonderful story of weather, by James Marsh that will open the ball of movies in competition during the 14th edition of the International Movie Festival of Marrakesh (FIFM) that will be held from 5th to 13th December of this year.

This big meeting will be closed by « A most violent year » by J.C. Chandor.

The jury of cinema that will be chaired by the Mauritanian director, scriptwriter and producer Abderrahman Sissako, will have to decide between 10.

About fifteen movies will be projected at the end of the competition. They are namely «The blue Elephant» (Egypt) by Marwan Hamed, «Chigasaki Story» (Japan) by Takuya Misawa, «Chrieg» (Swiss) by Simon Jaquemet, «Corrections class» (Russia and Germany) by Ivan I. «Tverdovsky, Everything we loved» (New Zealand) by Max currie, «The keeping room» (USA) by Daniel Barber, «Labour of Love» (India) by Aditya Vikram Sengupta, «The last hammer blow» (France) by Alix Delaporte, «Mirage» (Hungary and Slovakia) by Sczabolcs Hajdu, «Nabat» (Azerbaijan) by Elchin Musaoglu, «No one’s child» (Serbia) by Vuk Rsumovic, «L’orchestre des aveugles» (Morocco-France) by Mohamed Mouftakir, «Red rose» (France, Greece, Iran) by Sepideh Farsi, «The Sea fog» (South Korea) by Shim Sung-bo and «Things people do» (USA) by Saar Klein.

Other movies out of compétition will be projected, such as «El Ardor» by Pablo Fendrik, «Far from men» by David Oelhoffen, «Happy new year» by Farah Khan, «The imitation game» by Morten Tyldum, «May Allah bless France» by Abd Al Malik, «Silent heart»by Bille August and «Timbuktu» by Abderrahmane Sissako.

Morocco will thus be represented by Mohamed Mouftakir’s second movie, « L’orchestre des Aveugles » (The band of blind persons), around the relation between a father demanding conductor and his son.

This FIFM 14th edition will pay tribute to the Moroccan producer, Khadija Alami, to the Egyptian comedian, Adel Imam, as well as to the American actors Jeremy Irons and Viggo Mortensen.

Japan will be the country in the spotlight of this FIFM 2014. It is announced that Die Hard: Une journée en enfer (a day in hell) (with Jeremy Irons and Bruce Willis) will be projected.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME