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Food self-sufficiency: Gabon launches the « Seed »

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The Gabonese president, Ali Bongo includes all social groups in the realization of his « Emergent Gabon » plan. Very active on the social networks, he has just launched « Graine » (seed), the program that will allow the Gabonese farmers to benefit from arable land and houses. The objective is to feed the Gabonese population with the local products.

« This of agricultural cooperatives network should allow by 5 years, operating more than 200.000 ha and creating 20.000 jobs in our provinces. As you, I know that the Gabonese land can feed its children at the best rate« , indicated the Gabonese president.

Eventually, the program will allow putting farmers in cooperatives, the training of the supervisors of these groupings, the supply of plantations, exploitation material and housing. He will finally assure the supervision of the agricultural activities generated by the cooperative.

According to the promoters of the « Graine » program, every farmer will benefit from a space of 0,5ha to build a house and an area of food crop. The land is accompanied with an individual land title in the name of the member: he becomes the exclusive owner at the end of 18 months seniority in the cooperative.

Gabon so hopes to reach the food self-sufficiency and participate in the emergence of a new class of Gabonese entrepreneurs.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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