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Forbes 2015: 29 Africans among the world billionaires

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The American magazine, « Forbes 2015 » for the world richest people is just released. Twenty nine (29) Africans appear in the ranks of billionaires.

In this ranking, most of these fantastically wealthy are either from English-speaking Africa or the Maghreb as Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt.

Unsurprisingly, the Nigerian businessman, Aliko Dangote (photo) keeps his title of the richest man on the continent, first then and followed by an Egyptian.

At the world level, the American, Bill Gates stays at the head of the ranking, a position he has held 16 times during the recent 21 years. His fortune has got an increase of 3.2 billion dollars over one year to amount to 79 billion dollars.

He is closely followed by the Mexican, Carlos Slim who maintains the second position, and Warren Buffett comes to the third position, carrying off the title of the creator of Zara, Amancio Ortega, henceforth standing fourth. Warren Buffett is moreover the one who grew rich the most in the world last year.

The American magazine listed 1 826 billionaires, what constitutes a great record since 30 years. These billionaires monopolize 7 000 billion dollars, or 10 % more than last year. They are 290 people to have joined this club, some of them younger than ever.

The Ecofin agency underlined for its part that this ranking 2015 was influenced by the good performance of the technology sectors and the high rate of dollar with regard to euro, that strengthened the position of the Americans. The latter are 536 to appear in the list, followed the Chinese (213), the Germans (103), the Indians (90) and the Russians (88).


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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