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Gabon: « La Maison d’Alice », soon the refuge of the sick of cancers

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In June 2014, the first Moroccac lady, Lalla Salma launched with her counterpart from Gabon, « Fight against cancer », a prevention and treatment campaign against identified cancers. Three months later, both ladies announced the building of a reception center for people victims of cancer. The building works of « La Maison d’Alice » (Alice’s House) would begin during the third quarter of the year 2014.

The sick of cancers that are unable to go to hospital centers in order to be looked after for lack of accommodation in Libreville, will soon have a reception center in the Gabonese capital town. « Alice’s House » in the name of the first patient to have been cured of a breast cancer in Libreville, will be composed of 20 bungalow over 100m². Every bungalow can welcome tow persons (the sick person and his guide).

According to Gabonreview site, the center will also include consultation rooms (psychologist and social assistance), classrooms, playroom, as well as gardens.

« Alice’s House » Will so solve the accommodation problem for people sick of cancers. According to recent studies, 20 % of patients interrupt their treatment for lack of accommodation.

As reminder, both organizations by the first Gabonese and Moroccan ladies expressed their support to the Gabonese government for the fight against cancers by developing « a global and integrated strategy » in association with other actors working in the domain. The objective of the program « Fight against cancer » aims according to its promoters « at making of Gabon an excellent center in the management of cancers and the leader in the fight against cancer in Central Africa« .


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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