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Accueil / Ghanaian cinema: the lovely message from Nadia Buari to Majid Michel

Ghanaian cinema: the lovely message from Nadia Buari to Majid Michel

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Many of their fans would have wished to see them together, not only on shooting stages, but united for life, because they form an attractive couple on the red carpet under projectors during prestigious events.

We hint at the charming actress, Nadia Buari, and the handsome boy of the Ghanaian cinema, Majid Michel.

As a reminder, the mother of Majid Michel died last 10th October and was buried on 5th December 2014.

In these difficult times he is experiencing, the Ghanaian actor could count on the support of his colleague, Nadia Buari.

The one who embodied « The daughter of the President » in the successful television film « Beyonce« , present at the funeral, posted afterward a message of support for Majid, the hero of the movie « The Agony of Christ » on her Facebook page.

In an extract of this message, we can read: « It was really difficult today but I would like you to believe that your mom is always with you. She is the whisper of the leaves when you walk in the street; she is the smell of some foods you remember yourself … »

Further, Nadia Buari adds: « Nothing on the earth can separate both of you. Not time, not space and not even death« .

What a mark of solidarity!

Anyway, Majid should much appreciate this attractive message of condolence.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME