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Grand Prix Medays 2014: Tunisian Prime minister rewarded

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In Tangier last Friday, Grand Prix of Medays Forum 2014 was rewarded to the Tunisian Prime Minister, Mehdi Joumaa for the role he played in the success of the political transition in his country and the adoption of a new Constitution, reported La Nouvelle Tribune magazine.

This prize was awarded to Mr. Joumaa in recognition for the fundamental role he played during the Tunisian crisis by working in favor of stability and development of the country and by leading a real diplomatic offensive, explained the chairman of Amadeus Institute, Brahim Fassi Fihri.

The prize pays tribute to an « economic diplomat » of Tunisia who strongly fought to restore trust to investors and foreign partners of this country from the Maghreb and revitalize its economy, he continued.

Expressing himself towards the vibrating tribute paid to him, Mr. Joumaa appreciated the precious contribution from Amadeus Institute as prestigious institute of international fame for the promotion of the questions of the region at the international level through debates and recommendations of a great relevance.

The Tunisian Prime Minister seized this opportunity to express his thanks and his gratitude to King Mohammed VI for the constant support in favor of Tunisia and the action from the Sovereign to strengthen the relations between Morocco and Tunisia.

« Tunisia that surprised the world by its revolution, intends to create hope in the region by opting for democracy, transparency, dialogue and consensus which constitute the base of success of regimes« , he said.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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