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Grand Prix of excellence: promoting the young Gabonese project leaders

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Within the framework of the 3rd edition of the New York Forum Africa, the Junior Achievement association launched the « Grand Prix of excellence » for promoting the creation and economic innovation.

So, under the leadership of the Gabonese Head of State, the local subsidiary of « Junior Achievement Worldwide » will reward, in December 2014, the young people showing creation and innovation in business.

A total of six (06) categories of prizes will be developed, categories that will involve six (06) major objectives: the identification of a set of young Gabonese entrepreneurs turned to entrepreneurship and carriers of innovative ideas being able to contribute to the economic growth, to job creation and to improvement of the conditions of life in Gabon; the promotion of entrepreneurship in the young Gabonese; the support of the project leader; the coaching in floor taking, the mentorship, the getting in touch with experts …

According to a communiqué of the Presidency of Republic, the team of JA Gabon will go in the main cities of the country to meet all those who would like to take part in the competition and to know more about it on the training free programs in entrepreneurship of JA Gabon.

Who can take part in this competition?

The competition is opened to the Gabonese project leaders from 20 to 40 years, having more than 3 years of existence and promoters of companies duly registered in the commercial court.

The JA Gabon is an association under Gabonese law member of the Junior Achievement Worldwide network established in 1919 and dedicated to the training of the young people regarding financial knowledge, capacity for work and entrepreneurship, thanks to experimental and practical programs.


Original text by: Roger Blaise AKAME

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