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Harass Map: ICTS for the fight against sexual harassment in Egypt

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The Egyptian Harass Map NGO has put on-line a web site and a mobile application which aim at indicating the harassment cases all over the Egyptian territory. The initiative is beneficial because numerous are the victims of fondling and inappropriate words and who do not succeed to denounce these denigrating facts.

According to Monica Ibrahim, promoter of the project started in 2010, Harass Map allows women breaking the silence, getting up and denouncing the facts. The data collected can also draw the attention of the authorities of the country on the spreading of the plague. An Egypt map with red spots indicates places where cases of harassment occur.

« These acts are reported to us by victims and witnesses all the same. Precision arrives us by multiple means, e-mails, SMS and also through Facebook and Twitter« , indicated Monica Ibrahim on the site of Le Monde Afrique newspaper.

The project benefits from the support of the IDRC (International Development Research Center) of Canada and inspires other organizations in various countries.

« Even if our priority remains Egypt, we propose transfers of coaching and assistance as at present on a multi-country project in South America« , indicated Monica Ibrahim.

Harass Map is finally a sensitization means against these forms of violence towards women that tend to be tolerated in certain communities.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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