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Health in Gabon: Ali Bongo planning the best for his people

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The Gabonese Head of State intends to boost public health policy in his country.

At the end of a presidential Council on health last Wednesday in Libreville, Ali Bongo called up for a « reform » in the sector.

He concretely wants to create in his country a « really successful health system ».

The first Gabonese citizen has evoked « a system that leads to fast improvement of vulnerable populations’ health status« .

« In order to better take care of Gabonese, performance is going to be placed at the heart of the system. The time should be for the best practice of management and functioning within the framework of a dynamic sanitary environment« , indicated Mr. Bongo Ondimba.

« I want for my fellow countrymen, the best of what is being done even it means to commit the best specialists of the world », underlined President Bongo Ondimba.

« Populations are ceaselessly complaining« , insisted the President of Republic. Problems of means? « I talk about results! »

MSH group (Massachusetts, the USA), specialist recognized all over the world, is thus in charge of offering technical support for the « National health reform » coupled with a « support and management unit« .

The President however declared to have regretted the fact that more than 1000 billion FCFA spent these recent six years, produced mediocre results.

In Gabon, one of the weakest sides of its sanitary system is the access to medicine.

It can be noticed that these products paid by the government, end up in pharmacies and are sold in nearby countries as Bongo Ondimba has deplored it.

As an additional information, « the country is equipped every year with stocks of vaccines that eventually expire without being even used, while the vaccinal coverage hardly exceeds 32 % required by the World Health Organization ».

For the implementation of this successful health system, Ali Bongo called on the health staff « to changed mentality by favoring results and not means to reach there« .

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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