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International Day of Peace: Akon in concert in Goma soon

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Peace in Africa is the dream of all Africans as well as their leaders and actors continue mobilizing so that this peace reigns over the continent and to be sustainable.

It is in this perspective that an international day of peace was introduced by the British director, Jeremy Gilley, creator of the Peace One Day NGO.

The day is thus celebrated on every 21st September worldwide with for objective to make sensitive on the resolution of conflicts through peaceful ways.

In other words, this day advocates cease-fire and non-violence for any kinds of conflict.

For the year 2014, the managing staff of Peace One Day wish to make sensitive at least 1,5 billion people and 3 billion by 2016.

It’s whitin this context that the Afro-American artist of Senegalese origin, AKON will present in the very coming weeks during a giant concert in Goma, administrative center of the North-Kivu province.

Several Congolese artists of music are also announced to perform beside Akon through his Akon Lighting Africa project.

The main objective pursued by Peace One Day aims at gathering populations of the DR of Congo and the Great Lakes region during this day.

The objective is henceforth possible thanks to the generous donation of the Hower G. Buffet Foundation for the amount of 10 million dollars.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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