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Internet week in Benin: building the digital hub of Africa

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« Making of Benin the digital hub of Africa« ; this vision from the government was at the heart of three day activities that took place in the Congress of Cotonou within the framework of the fourth edition of the Internet week.

Among main themes discussed during the panels having filled the three day reflections, we can note the challenges related to the development of broadband infrastructures and their effective contribution to productivity, employment and growth.

The point on the deployment of the broadband in Benin, accomplished progress, challenges to face and measures to take in order to stimulate the deployment of the broadband and the Internet services.

The training of women for the use of the Internet services to accompany the energization of the use of the broadband and especially as support in their socioeconomic activities.

Due to the success of the meeting, the Minister, Jean Dansou congratulated himself on the initiative before expressing his gratitude towards the partners who took an active part in event.

« I sincerely thank the steering committee as well as all our strategic partners and the sponsors whose active support allowed the effective organization of this 4th edition of the Internet week. I also find necessary to express my gratitude towards the various exhibitors, BOITE A INNOVATION, CERADEI-GIT, OTI, ISOCELL and BENIN TELECOMS to have, in spite of the time constraints of this end of year, accompanied my ministerial department in the animation of the stands of this edition of the Internet week« , hammered the ministerial authority.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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