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Ivory Coast: Five new rural localities supplied with drinking water

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eau1 eauAccess to drinking water in faraway zones in Africa is a current issue. Government of Ivory Coast, conscious of the situation set as goal to increase the coverage rate in drinking water of the country at 82,5 % in 2015. To achieve this they inaugurated last Saturday in the district of Koun-Faso (Northeast of Abidjan), a water tower which will supply five localities of Assempanayé, Broukro-Banouan, Ouangui, Pambariba and Pengakro.

« Château de l’amitié  (friendship water tower) », this is the naming of the new drinking water source inaugurated last Saturday at Koun-Faso by minister delegate with the Prime Minister in charge of Economy and Finances, Kaba Nialé. For the representative Ivory Coast government, Ivory Coast needs peace and stability but also drinking water.

The water tower that is 15m high, has a capacity of 50 m3 and will supply 10.000 inhabitants. Hydraulic infrastructure is going to contribute to « safety in drinking water requirements of populations and to reduction of hydric diseases in this zone », indicated the chairman of the steering committee of the project, Etienne Adou Kouabenan.

« The project is innovative because it is the first time when a water tower of this kind is built and is going to be profitable at the same time to populations of our five localities », indicated the spokesman of the beneficiaries. Except the « water tower », the government representative also laid the corner stone of Ouangui urban health center.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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