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Ivory Coast: senior officials at the school of diamond

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The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) will train during eight weeks three Ivorian senior officials, making of them efficient professionals of the diamond. It is what reported our colleagues from Afriquinfos.

The on-line newspaper underlined that through this training, these selected agents will learn to estimate the value of a diamond, to master the Kimberley process and to put into practice the acquired knowledge.

The Ivorian government wants through this program to set up a monitoring system with the aim of respecting the strict conditions of the Kimberley process.

« It is a way of giving to the country means to reopen to the business of diamonds« , indicated on Tuesday, 23rd December the Belgium Federal public service (SPF) for the Foreign Affairs.

According to Margaux Donckier, spokesman of the AWDC, the UNO imposed penalties on Ivory Coast in 2003 by preventing it from any business of diamond.

« The risk of having diamonds from conflicts on the regular market was too high« , explained the spokesman.

With a more stabilized political situation, the economy is boosted and it is henceforth possible to produce appropriate diamond again.

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