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Ivory Coast: the authors of the 1st transplants of kidney honored

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« Diseases are in the South, medicines and treatments in the North« . Ivory Coast is committed to contradict this saying. The first Black African country having successfully done the first transplants of kidneys, proceeded on Wednesday to reward the doctors who have been working on this ambitious project that bore its first fruits in 2012.

In Black Africa, the majority of the victims of a renal insufficiency are condemned to a slow and painful death. The disease which treatment cost is not affordable by the average citizens, also affects families of the victims that ruin themselves but don’t get at the end any satisfactory result. The wealthiest evacuate their patients to North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia) or to the West (France, Belgium).

Since 2012, Ivory Coast has realized an exploit by proceeding on the spot to the first transplants of kidneys. Dozens of patients were saved by the medical team made up of professionals, natives of Ivory Coast, Tunisians, Moroccans and Belgians. The Great Chancellor of Ivory Coast, Pr. Henriette Dagri-Diabaté honored on Wednesday these doctors who are making the pride of Ivory Coast and all Africa.

« Naturally, the challenge for Ivory Coast and the natives of Ivory Coast is to succeed in creating and managing on the spot, treatments centers offering the same guarantees of results at comparable costs.

Together, let us contradict this health geopolitics according to which: diseases are in the South, medicines and treatments in the North. It is the opportunity to congratulate Pr. Kan Clément Ackoundou-Nguessan and his team, to have realized, on 24th September 2012, the first renal transplant in the history of Ivory Coast and the Black Africa. It deserves applauses« , declared Henriette Dagri-Diabaté.

As reminder, the first renal transplant was made on 24th September 2012 by Pr. Kan Clément Ackoundou-Nguessan and his team.

The great chancellor reaffirmed the support of President Alassane Ouattara for the project and reassured the doctors recipients for measures that the government is committed to take so that they exercise their jobs legally. Dagri-Diabaté also seized the opportunity to pay tribute to the Ivory Coast medical sector that is fighting against the spreading of the Ebola virus.

« In this period when the epidemic of Ebola affects our habits, the tribute we paying today to the professionals of the kidney treatment, takes a symbolic dimension: beyond our recipients, it is all the Dagri-Diabaté that we are praising« , she said.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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