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Ivory Coast: the comedian, Afoué Inter married

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Less than one month ago, Kossia Nadège known under the name of Affoué International, actress in the series, « Kouassi Kan » on RTI 1 embarked for Switzerland. Before leaving, she announced to a people magazine that she would get married over there.

Well, since last Friday, 5th December, it is now done. Affoué Inter has become Mrs. Alabi.

The actress sealed her union with Simon Alabi in the city hall of Lausanne where she arrived by limousine.

After the civil wedding ceremony, a cocktail party was given at the Perroy reception hall where the artist Abalé Tawalé offered a beautiful performance to the new couple and their close relations of whom the artist, Savan Alla.

The couple spent their wedding night in Lausanne Palace, a 5-star hotel. The highlight of this beautiful adventure will be Spain where Mr. and Mrs. Alabi intend to spend their honeymoon.


Original text by: Go Magazine

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