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Ivory Cost: Microsoft giving training to 10.000 young entrepreneurs

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In order to reach the emergence in 2020, Ivory Coast counts on its youth. Touré Mamadou, technical adviser at the Presidency of the Republic proceeded on Monday to the launching of the training program for 10.000 young project leaders. The initiative came from the AIESEC network with the technical support of the giant of computing, Microsoft.

10 000 young people (coming from the municipalities of Abidjan, Yamoussoukro, Bouaké, Korhogo, Abengourou, Daloa, Grand Bassam, Bingerville, Oumé and Hiré) took part in the Build Your Buisness, a training program that aims at bringing to the new generation, the ideas, actions and basic competence to create, manage and make grow a small sized company.

For the program coordinator, Build Your Buisness suits to the development policy of the Ivory Coast State. « If we really want to reach emergence in 2020, young people should have employments. In this dynamics, we shall always be present to accompany the young project leaders and the young entrepreneurs also« , declared Magnus Johnson.

25000 young people got a similar training during the 3rd conferences the Ivory Coast youth chaired by Touré Mamadou. The latter regretted the lack of commitment from the young people who participated in the program and invited again the beneficiaries of the Build Your Buisness t a change of behavior.

« As chairman of the steering committee for the 3rd conferences, we got the support of Microsoft in the training of 450 young people. Regrettably, less than 10 % of these young people were able to bring out a business plan. My dear younger brothers and sisters, the opportunities can be offered to you, but if there is no change of mentality at your level, this training will be of use. However, I can assure you that the President of Republic will always be by your sides to accompany you« , he reassured.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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