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Jackie Appiah: eyes and smile of Ghana!

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Jackie was born on 5th December 1983 in Canada.

Last one of a family of five children, she spent the first ten years of her life in Canada before settling down with her mother in Ghana. She was first married at 22 years old with a businessman, Peter Agyemang. The couple has a son, Damien.

She started her actress’s career in Ghana at the age of 12. But she was especially got noticed in 2001 in television series, « Things We Do For Love. » She was fast rewarded for her talent: in 2010, she was elected the best actress in a leading role for Oscars of Africa movie. In 2007, she had already received this distinction in hope category.

She believes a lot in know-how in Ghana cinema: « It has been moving well for years now. It is a real rapidly growing industry today. The whole world discovers and respects our productions. I am sure that we will still surprise the whole world. Even Hollywood very carefully follows us… « 

She declared about her career and the choice of her movies: « My husband (former then) knows in advance all that I shoot! He reads all the scenes! »

She got involved actively in Africa in campaigns against AIDS. She is also the image of a company in NTIC.

She is nicknamed « eyes and smile of Ghana. »


2010   A Cry for Justice 1 & 2

2009   Virginity 1, 2, 3 & 4

2008   Passion of the Soul 1 & 2

2009    Love Games 1 & 2

2008   Wind of Love 1 & 2

2007   Fake Feelings 1 & 2

2007   Princess Tyra 1, 2 & 3

2007   Royal Battle1 & 2

2006   Beyonce 1 & 2: The President’s Daughter

2006   The Return of Beyonce 1 & 2

2004   Divine Love


Original text by: Nicolas Coutain
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