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Kadré Ouédraogo: «ECOWAS owes the Magic System group»

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« Music is a real communion and integration tool« , declared the Chairman of the ECOWAS Commission, congratulating itself that « there is no barrier in music« .

Saying to be « deeply touched » by the initiative from the four boys of the Magic System group (A’Salfo, Tino, Goudé and Manadja), Désiré Kadré Ouédraogo indicated that « ECOWAS owes them for the wonderful example they give to the youth« .

Several personalities among whom the Ivorian Minister of Culture and the Francophony, Maurice Kouakou Bandama and his counterpart of national education and technical training, Kandia Camara, as well as the Director coordinator of the national program for the national cohesion (PNCS), Pr. Mariatou Koné, took part in this official opening ceremony.

FEMUA 2015 planned from 21st to 26th April under the theme of integration and togetherness of the peoples, started its activities on Tuesday by a courtesy visit of Salif Traoré alias A’Salfo to the various partners of the Festival.

This edition is marked by great innovations among which the creation of workshops and seminaries of training to make of the FEMUA a « crossroads of professional meetings and exchanges between artists, people of media, specialists of culture and festival-goers« .

Aiming to be an evolutionary project, this festival was created in 2008 on initiative of its current commissioner, Salif Traoré alias A’Salfo, Goodwill ambassador of the United Nations for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in charge of the elimination of illiteracy and peace culture.

Last February, Désiré Kadré Ouédraogo attended the opening ceremony of FEMUA 8 at the head office of the UNESCO in Paris.

On this occasion, he recognized the importance of this urban music festival which, apart from Ivory Coast, host country, gets the participation of artists from South Africa, DR Congo, the United States, Nigeria, Colombia, Uganda, Cape Verde, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo.


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