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Kaymu: one year soon and greater ambitions

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On the cusp of its first anniversary, the N°1 business platform in Cameroon has already registered more than two million fans on its Facebook account. With a strong ambition to extend much more and to outstrip its competitors, the on-line sale site plans more striking innovations.

Discovery of a deserving strategic team.

Already counting 2.726.614 fans on its Facebook account – a ceaselessly increasing figure keeps -, Kaymu.cm that will later celebrate its first anniversary, opted to more take the lead in the universe of internet in Cameroon. Its partners, more and more in greater number, are recruited among professionals, traders, craftsmen and project leaders. The latter that are at 60.000 all over the national territory, constitute one of the forces of the young structure, Africa Internet Group’s subsidiary, the first large group of internet in Africa.

Through its multi-purpose and interactive site with the customers just like its Facebook account, it is clair that Kaymu.cm has, over time, conquered the heart of its public. Thanks to its numerous partners, the site has almost every type of article at unbeatable prices. In order to thank the various actors including the customers that allowed it to reach this level, Kaymu meant to celebrate its anniversary with them.

Aprt from this remembrance, the team managed by Candace Nkoth Bisseck, aspires to maintain its leadership « attacking » more markets in order to extend its network towards other regions and cities all over the national territory that is only expecting to be included in the e-commerce.

Within a single year, the work was flat out implemented and the name got a very important fame. While waiting then for starting its second year, the customers of Kaymu can continue selling, buying and smiling on www.Kaymu.cm.


Original text by: GASPARD F. NGONO

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