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Kenya: towards the reduction of the cost of electricity

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Major concern in the African households and headache for companies, electricity expenses could get a reduction in the coming days in Kenya.

In a declaration on Wednesday in Nairobi, the vice-president, William Ruto (photo) indicated that « government is planning to supply less expensive electricity to reduce the cost of businesses in order to attract investors to the country and stay competitive in the region« .

The latter added that « programs are in progress to produce additional 5000 megawatts during the next three years in order to reduce energy cost, not only for Kenyans, but also for industries« .

Moreover, Mr. Ruto asserted that efforts were made to reduce the cost of electricity and improve infrastructures that, according to him, are key factors contributing to the economic growth of the country.

« As authorities of this country, we made a commitment to create an environment favorable to business by reducing the cost of electricity and improving infrastructures« , reaffirmed the vice-president.

He also announced that the building of a standard gauge of the railroad and the rehabilitation of roads leading to the main agricultural zones demonstrate the determination of the government to reduce the cost of business in the country.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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