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Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui: her fashion blog is a world reference!

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Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui’s life is a real fairy tale.

At the age of 26 years old, she earns approximately 10 000 euros per month by working alone on her blog, La revue de Kenza (The magazine of Kenza)! It makes dream!

And her nice adventure has started since 2008, time when she launched a big personal diary about feminine universe and about fashion, having had an exam for a high school diploma STT – with communication option – started English / Italian LEA and a school of journalism, and continued with casual jobs: « I just wanted to have fun and to share my personal feelings. »

Kenza always had passion for fashion transmitted by her mother, an ex-model at Elite, that set up an advertising agency Première Heure (First Hour), and who was a fashion photographer. -her father was a video clips producer: « we lent to each other our clothes; we enjoyed having both new look. Even very younger, I sometimes made up myself in secret before going to class! »

Today, her blog is visited by more than 30 000 people daily.

And every day, she has the same faith, the same discipline. She adores her freedom, even if sometimes, it is not easy to be always a little bit alone in front of one’s computer. Certainly, there are comments from the community, audiences at top. « Every day is very different because I am in freelance and I remain my own boss. I have no particular constraints, except those that I set to myself. For example, I am used to getting up early in the morning; around 8h30-9h00, I stay at home all the morning to be able to receive mails and receive parcels which news agencies send me. I seize the occasion to also check all received e-mails to which I answer without exception: it is what takes me much time. I also post a new notice on my blog if I planned one. I take advantage of lunch time to go out. » Then, she resumes with the job…

Her most passionate dream today is to succeed in presenting on TV while keeping her magazine…

And even if she lives in Paris, she always adores Morocco so much:

« Marrakesh where I have my habits at bab hotel and even at theatro, ‘it is a little our local ibiza’. The surroundings of lalla takerkoust lake where I like going to have lunch in one of the small local restaurants, ‘I also find the best olive oil which is there! ‘And also Casablanca, Essaouira and also the sandhills of Merzouga. »

And she admitted: « I am very impressed by what we can find on Moroccan fashion scene today. »

Not surprising that Africa is connected to her magazine!

She can be joined by e-mail on: [email protected]

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