Accueil / Koffi Olomidé: the pride of Africa according to Bakayoko

Koffi Olomidé: the pride of Africa according to Bakayoko

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On holidays in Abidjan, the koraman, Koffi Olomidé was received on Thursday afternoon by the Minister of State, minister of the home security, Hamed Bakayoko, considering that the Congolese artist must be supported for his sound recording works which are « a pride for Africa« .

« Koffi is a great pride for Africa. We have to push forwards people who raise very high the image of our continent« , asserted the Minister of the home security.

« We are here in front of a value that Africa should not lose« , insisted Mr. Bakayoko, underlining that Olomidé is in Ivory Coast « for a week of rest, but we shall celebrate his visit with the music lovers« .

For his part, Koffi Olomidé appreciated the passion of the Minister Hamed Bakayoko for the African music.

« Hamed is a pride for Africa. I say it humbly. All the stars, all the singers love him. He likes music, he loves people and he is always with us« , he said in his turn.

Hamed Bakayoko and Koffi Olomidé have maintained friendship relations for several years.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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