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Kwadwo Safo: he invents the first planes and cars made in Ghana.

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People are full of creativity. The Ghanaian Kwadwo Safo is the first car « manufacturer » in Ghana. His inventions, from the most common to the most spectacular, are making the pride of his country of origin and all Africa. The man has as his ambition to send into the sky, the very first plane made in Ghana.

Born on August 26th, 1948 in Bekwai, Ghana, Kwadwo Safo has no impressive school training as for big inventors. After his primary school studies, Safo joined the Ghanaian Institute of technical Works in Kumasi. He also made three-year-training in welding before giving free rein to his imaginations.

In 1971, he founded his church Kristo Asafo Church endowed among others with a research center. Music lover, the first inventions of the Ghanaian were electric drums, loudspeakers and mixing consoles.

In 1998, Kwadwo Safo launched « Kantanka saloon car » the first car made in Ghana. In 2007, he invented Kantanka Obrempon, a long limousine of 26m. The Ghanaian never misses the opportunity to leave a sign of his country on his inventions. His vehicles carry for the greater part a star as the national flag of Ghana.

To meet the expectations of his fellow countrymen, he equips his news 4X4 with a robot which communicates with the driver in local language. « The car speaks Twi (Ashabnti language) and when you start the car, it will tell you about Dr Safo, the inventor and will ask you to check water, fuel, tires, and to fasten your seat belt. When everything is OK, the car will wish you safe journey. When it reverses, it gives a signal to alert pedestrians », explained the inventor.

The works of Kwadwo Safo were worth to him the visit of the former Managing director of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz. The research center produces on average 2 cars per year. A figure the « manufacturer » is planning to increase at 500 in 2015. The construction of a new assembly plant is also planned for that purpose. Also note that the center partially uses local materials in the implementation of his works.

For the mean time, Kwadwo Safo is working on an important project which aims at making the first Ghanaian plane. The first pictures of the initiative are already available on the Internet.

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