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Le Crocodile du Botswanga: President Bobo making buzz on the web

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As Africa Top Success announced it earlier, « Le Crocodile de Botswanga » is the favorite movie of the African youth during this summer holidays time. The mad quotations by « President Bobo » and his gestures are fueling comments in households as well as on social networks. Who is the President Bobo? Your Pan-African information site proposes you the biography of the main actor of the comedy that funnily describes the actions of African dictators and the famous France-Africa pact.

President Bobo of his real name Thomas Ngijol is a humorist actor and French director of Cameroonian origin. Although being perfectly successful in his role of African autocratic head of State, President Bobo never lived on the continent of his ancestors.

The actor that deserves an award during the next Oscar was born on 30th October 1978 in Paris. He is the son of Gilbert Ngijol, Cameroonian sociologist, and Crescence Ngijol, a nurse, fervent Christian. On social networks, President Bobo overshadows all other actors in the movie. This is not a surprise as he is President Bobo!

Several Facebook pages are created where the delirious words by the Botswangan President are listed. « The bird on the baobab tree should not forget that it wore glasses », « Mobutu had the Leopard but Bobo will have the crocodile », « I already appointed your brother minister of sports; I am not going to give him in addition the Ministry of Finance » or « Jack Brel eh! He is my favorite singer! Download this on itunes for me! », are what could be read on some pages. Others even go farther by proposing proverbs as so meaningless as those by Bobo. « The river that is sleeping forgot to to switch on its alarm clock », « A dog surely has 4 legs but it cannot walk on two paths at the same time », « the One who eats does not only eat in a feeding dish« . Twitter is full of congratulation messages.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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