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«L’héritage impossible»: the documentary film raising awareness on Albinos

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In some regions of Africa, albinos are badly considered, victim of any kind discrimination and violence.

In Tanzania, they are attacked, kidnapped and killed for rites.

In Ivory Coast, albinos declare to be still stigmatized in spite of a « slight improvement » since a few years.

In front of this sad situation, campaigns are multiplied on the continent to call on each and every one to positively consider these people suffering from albinism.

It is in this vein that a documentary film was produced by Mamidou Coulibaly. Entitled « L’héritage impossible« (The impossible heritage), the 90 min movie aims at « changing the ideas against albino« .

« We produced this movie to change the mind of the society on albinos and perpetuate this awareness raising« , asserted Mr. Coulibaly, also chairman for the Federation of associations and organizations for the well-being of albinos in Ivory Coast (FAOBEACI).

The impossible heritage tells the life of an albino called Remy Gayo, Assistant manager in a company, wrongly blamed for embezzlements, a suspicion against him because of his skin color. Jobless, he goes to the village where « Initiated people » ask his uncle to offer him in sacrifice because according to them « his flesh is fresh and appreciated by idols« . Rémy Gayo is thus kidnapped one night in order to be offered in sacrifice to these idols. Meanwhile, the investigation one-sidedly carried by his secretary in Abidjan (the economic capital of Ivory Coast) proves the innocence of the albino. The managing staff of the company then decides to call him back to his post in Abidjan. A delegation led by Rémy Gayo’s secretary and the Manager of this company goes to the village of the young albino that will coincide with the day chosen by the « Initiated people » to sacrifice him. A saving visit for the young man who will be released from the hands of his executioners thanks to his collaborators.

In 2010, the FAOBEACI registered five ritual murders cases and seven kidnapping attempt ones. In 2014, this federation collected 10 albino children abandoned by their parents because of their albinism.

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