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Macky Sall: « actions of Obama regarding African politics are really there »

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Present in Washington for the first USA-AFRICA Summit, the Senegalese president, Macky Sall delivered his expectations to Jeune Afrique magazine. The only African president to have received and to be received in by the American president is waiting for answers from his American counterpart on economic and security questions.


« I am waiting for the president Obama to strengthen the Power Africa initiative that helps certain African countries regarding energy at the level of seven billion dollars. We, Senegalese, are not concerned by this first stage, but I think that we shall join very soon the countries that benefit from Power Africa. I also have expectations regarding peace and safety« , declared the Senegalese president.


For Macky Sall, Barack Obama did not leave Africa behind as many people think it. He praises the rare initiatives the latter took in favor of his continent of origin.


« Today, the actions of Obama regarding African politics are really there: the pursuit of the Millennium challenge, the Power Africa initiative and maintaining this historic summit. It is so many things that will stay for posterity« , he shouted.


The Senegalese president however recognized that his counterpart does not perfectly understand Africa. Barack Obama with this first USA-AFRICA Summit tries to catch up on the continent.


According to the Jeune Afrique magazine, the advisers of the American president presented him cruel figures. In ten years, the trade United States – Africa really doubled. Yet, in the same lapse of time, those of China with Africa were multiplied by twenty, jumping from 10 billion to more than 200 billion dollars per year.




Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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