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Made in Africa: cars fully made by Africans!

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Will Africa be the next emerging car market? Being user for a long time, the continent henceforth undertakes the construction of some models already on sale.

Monopolized by Asia, Europe and emerging markets, car manufacturing could concern Africa. The world offer should thus appreciably increase with cars made in Africa by Africans.

The first of this series is « Kantanka« , a thoughtful car designed and made in Ghana and that should be available from this January. The Kantanka Car Company says to be waiting for the Ghanaian authorities’ approval. An initiative by Dr. Kwadwo Safo, founder and owner of the Kantanka and Company group, the latter described as a genius, an inventor, a philanthropist.

The second vehicle of this series of African manufacturing is « Innoson« , made in Nigeria. Some of its models are already in use and seem to make the happiness of the local owners. Chief Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma is the founder and the developer of the Nigerian company. « We are the first car production line in Nigeria« , declared the boss of Innoson.

To this series of cars made in Africa is added Kiira EV Smack, designed and developed in Uganda by Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC), a company locally created by students. It is a hybrid car combining the characteristics of a diesel engine and an electric one.

It can be configured to obtain various results; for example an important fuel saving, more power or an additional source of energy for electronic objects.

We can finally add « Turtle » to this inventory. Less glamorous than the models quoted above, it is a car 100 % made in Ghana by local architects, as challenge to the western industrial logic.

« It is an exceptional car that can be seen from every possible angle, between pick-up and jeep, a car designed and adapted to the local needs« , underlined the designers. The most important to seen whether these products will be successful.


Original text by: Gabonreview

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