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Maître Gims: « Le monstre marin »!

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Maître Gims just launched his own production label, « Monstre Marin Coporation » (Sea monster) of which the very first single « to begin« . A structure through which the former member of Sexion D’Assaut’s intends to produce artists.

In a recent interview, the latter declared that he was going to have a break this year because there was too much Maître Gims in 2013. Statement confirmed by the setting up of this structure through which he would like to put other talents in the center stage. Wonderful, right?

On Monstre Marin Coporation, we then find signature of handful artists that the rapper decided to gather on only one album.

Maitre Gims thus plans to launch his friends’ career at Universal Music, while himself always collaborated with Jive / Epic (Music Sony), which distributes his record and those of Sexion D’Assaut, produced by label Wati-B.

A new era for the career path of the artist who seems to be autonomous and manage himself his business. Bedjik, Yanslo, DJ Last One and Amalya, among others, henceforth form the group « Marin Monster« , of which the first opus will come out on the coming 30th June.

Since his departure from Sexion D’Assaut to start his solo career, Maitre Gims is has been moving from hits to hits of which «J’me tire», «Bella», «Zombie» and more recently «Warano Style».. In near one year, his «Subliminal» album helped by the new edition « La face cachée » brought out last December, was sold up to 680.000 copies.


Original text by: Blaise Akame

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