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Mali: 100 million Euros for Azalaï Hotel

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The Malian businessman, Mossadeck Bally is looking for 100 million Euros in order to face the competition in the hotel sector on the continent. This fund will allow him to accelerate the projects of Azalaï Hotel group already started. Mossadeck Bally will so take the opportunity to increase his capital for 40 million Euros.

As Africa Top Success reported it to you earlier, the Azalaï Hotel group is established in West Africa, particularly in Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Benin. Since 2013, the group has launched itself into the conquest of the East Africa with the building project of a hotel infrastructure in Kigali (Rwanda).

As a reminder, in 2012, the activities of the hotel chain declined because of the crisis occurred in Mali. This situation obliged Mossadeck Bally to close two of his hotels in Bamako during 6 months.

Mossadeck Bally was right to trust in his sense of businessman. His activities started again as he had predicted them. « I can tell you that it is exactly in post-conflicts countries where opportunities increase. In our hotel business domain, we enormously suffered from crisis, at the time of the coup d’état and the Azalaï group had to close two hotels that we reopened long time ago and 2013 was a much better year« , he had declared.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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