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Mali: Moussa Mara, the new Prime Minister!

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Mali has a new Prime Minister: Oumar Tatam Ly presented the resignation of his government and was replaced by the Minister of Town planning and Urban affairs, Moussa Mara.

An official communiqué indicated: « The president of Republic (…) has put an end to the functions of the Prime Minister, Oumar Tatam Ly, on presentation of the government resignation by the latter ».


Oumar Tatam Ly avait été nommé chef du gouvernement en septembre dernier, au lendemain de l’investiture de M. Keïta. Ce banquier est âgé de 50 ans.

Oumar Tatam Ly was appointed a head of government last September, the days following Mr. Keïta’s nomination. This banker is 50 years old.

Mara, 39 years old, was candidate in the first round of presidential election of July 2013 won by Mr. Keïta.

He is the leader of a political party of presidential sphere of influence, Yéléma (the change).

He wants to give back hope to Mali.

This accountant, mayor of a municipality of Bamako, obtained 1, 5 % of votes.


Original text by: Nicolas Coutain

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