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Media podium of Togo: the trendy evening will take place on 30th May

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The most praised event in the Togolese media sector, T des médias du Togo – Media podium of Togo (TMT) will be held this year on 30th May in Lomé during a prestigious evening planned to start at 8pm. Everything is planned in order offer a wonderful show to the Togolese public with the launch of the 4th edition on Wednesday during a press conference.

Initiated by DBD Com and Parteners, this celebration is within the framework of the activities marking the world press freedom day.

This original concept consisting in making of professionals of the media models of an evening show, will get the fashion show of about twenty professionals of media all categories included and five guest star journalists on two big panels that will be presented by 13 fashion designers.

The creations of the patterns are inspired by journalists and presenters’ daily clothing styles at their workplaces, in their studio, on TV and radio sets for news and on report fields.

An audience of about 800 people is expected in this trendy media evening.

One of the novelties introduced into the organization of this 4th edition is the scenic performance of the journalists-models (karaoke, comedy, humor, dance competition, etc.).

The ambition is to make the audience feel good relaxation moments through a podium animated by people of media in their performance while valuing their talents of comedians, dancers, singers, humorists in a particular way.

An exhibition of « Zam Ké » (Use me again) dresses by the Ambassadress of Vlisco 2014 of Togo, Aimée TENU, is also planned. The dresses are made of recycled water bags.

According to the promoters of the event, the idea is to promote with the public as well as the journalists, a healthy, stable and fair environment and defend at the same time the ecology for all values.

« We may say that our event will have the virtue to « warm up » various journalists who forthwith agree to share the entertaining break to which we invite them to take time, and make effort to burst into laughter, start smiling, have good time, get out of their igloo for a few hours and depart from a seriousness we find well studied, cared of and calculated« , reminded David Baini DJAGBAVI (photo), TMT General Manager.

Media podium of Togo remains the unique event that highlights skills of professionals of the communication regarding modelling by putting them on a fashion show podium. The last three editions were a big hit.


Original text by:Blaise AKAME

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