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Megny Gillette Leuwat: winner of GIFA D’OR 2014

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Gillette Leuwat

Princess Megny Gillette Leuwat is declared winner of the GIFA D’OR 2014 in the category « Innovation ». This prize rewards the African initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship. The distinction was awarded to the prize-winner by the International Grouping of African Women during the celebration of the 52nd edition of the African Women day on 12th July 2014.

Princess Megny Gillette Leuwat has been researching and innovating in natural cosmetics for two decades in order to reveal the Divine Beauty of all while using products from plant, mineral and animal environments to improve the capillary and physical Health.

Certified at the prestigious Parisian Universities of Dauphine and Sorbonne, Princess Megny Gillette Leuwat started by a brilliant career in Finance following which, she set up the Gillette Leuwat brand – Hair & Skin 100 % Natural.

Within 20 years of research, Princess Megny Gillette Leuwat created the Belga Leuwat research center, developed the Natural Cosmetic Food, and worked out four major treatments: the BELGAOIL, that allows to treat baldness and acute / severe alopecia, the CAPILLARY LIFTING that repairs curled / frizzy hair by restoring its original texture, the HAIR CULTURE, that allows to double, even to triple the growth of the hair, the care INGROWN HAIR, that unifies the complexion, dries buttons and treats ingrown hair.

In order to value the Black Beauty and inform the general public about risky cosmetics and the alternative with the Natural Cosmetic Food, Princess Megny Gillette Leuwat founded  with the association « Les Amis de Ciné Ration« , the biennial cultural event called « Sommet  de la Beauté Divine » in partnership with the University Paris Dauphine. Commenting this valuable award ceremony, the politician, Olivier Stirn, declared that « it is fully deserved and the best is yet to come. »


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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