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Mohamed Salia Touré: «the youth, an opportunity, an innovative force»

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The National Council of the youth (CNJ) of Mali considered that the African youth represents an « innovative force » in favor of the development of the continent.

Outside a forum that is held in Bamako on peace and safety in Sahel, gathering about 300 African young people, the chairman of the CNJ-Mali, Mohamed Salia Touré asserted that « the African youth, as the Malian youth, is endowed with an acquired intelligence and with an analysis capacity passed on by the elders or developed on the field« .

Praising this innovative force, M Touré considered that « the youth is not thus a problem but an opportunity. The youth is not a source of problem but an ocean of resources« .

The latter seized the opportunity to invite the participants in the forum to joint their efforts together so that the crisis that is still « terrorizing » the future of the country, paralyzing its people, asphyxiating its economy and corrupting its everyday life, could be quickly freed.

Through workshops and exchanges, this meeting should allow finding ways of expressing ideas, enriching proposals, explain challenges.

In brief, serving the country, sharing and to building its fate.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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