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Morocco: 15 African women in the spotlight in Casablanca

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Do you feel like discovering works realized by exceptional women of the continent?

Appointment is then made in Casablanca, the Moroccan economic capital town that has been hosting since Wednesday, 8th October the exhibition called « 15 African women in creation« .

The event is held at the Espace d’Art till the end of the year, more exactly on 31st December.

On the spot, we can appreciate installations and performances transcribed back in photography, video or drawing.

The exhibition also shows works proposed in variable sizes, wood carvings, acrylic painting, mixed technique on paper, wood or textile…

The initiative comes from the Attijariwafa Bank Foundation in partnership with Biennale Internationale of Casablanca.

According to the organizers, this cultural event aims to be a framework for dialogue and meeting and aspires to honor fifteen artists coming especially from African countries and Diaspora.

Coming from three successive generations, the invited artists met, during the year, at the artists’ residence, « Ifitry » in the region of Essaouira to create, exchange or get closer.

They are among others Najia Mehadji, Khadija Tnana, Ahlam Lemseffer, Malika Agueznay and Delilah Alaoui (Morocco), Ingrid Mwangi (Germany / Kenya), Amy Sow (Mauritania), Patrizia Maïmouna Guerresi (Senegal), Ayana Jackson (USA/Ghana), Mouna Karray (Tunisia), Michèle Magema (Democratic Republic of Congo), Peju Alatise (Nigeria), Hélène Amouzou (Togo), Lién Botha (South Africa) and Pélagie Gbaguidi ( Benin).


Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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