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Morocco: an application for the traffic violations consultation

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The Moroccan Ministry for the Equipment and the transport launched on Thursday a mobile application for the consultation of the traffic violations.

The news is reported by the APA agency.

This measure that is within the framework of the continuous improvement of the services provided to the users, will allow the car owners and the drivers to consult in real time the possible breaches registered against them, without going to the administration.

The users can particularly inquire on the type of the breach, its date and place and also on the number of points to be removed from their driving license and the amount of the fine to be paid, declared the transport department, specifying that in case of breaches registered by the fixed radars, the application also shows the photo of the car involved in the reporting.

The access to the information is fast thanks to a dynamic design and an intuitive browsing mode, added a communiqué from the ministry.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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