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Morocco: companies rewarded for their social and citizenship dimension

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Among actors that distinguished themselves by their socio-educational actions in favor of their community, we can notice companies as the Sekkat foundation, Attijariwafa Bank, Cooper Pharma and Lesieur-Cristal as well as the architect designer Zhor Jaidi.

These structures were rewarded last 26th June in Casablanca, Morocco by Rotary Club Casablanca Mers Sultan on the occasion of the 2nd edition of the « Trophies of the Social Entrepreneur » and of « Corporate citizens of the year« .

The award ceremony was chaired by Mr Khalid SAFIR, Waly of the Great Casablanca.

The trophy of the social entrepreneur was awarded to the Sekkat Foundation represented by Hadj El Fadel Sekkat.

Created in 2005 in homage to the Late Hadj Mohamed Sekkat, the foundation dedicates 25 million dirhams a year to charitable works. It intervenes more particularly in the domains of education and health. In the Casablanca region, it so participated in the building and in the management of 4 orphanages that welcome more than 1000 boarders.

It also acts by the sides of Association of support for hospitals and finances several activities and initiatives in the health sector of which its invaluable contribution to the building of the Ain Chock hospital which number of beds is increased to 125 today.

In the educational domain, the Sekkat foundation built the Mohamed Sekkat university library which covers 7000 m ² supported by an investment amount of 60 million DH. Since its creation, the Foundation has been sponsoring several primary schools of Casablanca.

The trophies of « Corporate citizens » were awarded to the Attijariwafa Group, Cooper Pharma and Lesieur-Cristal.

The social and societal commitment of the Attijariwafa Bank Group articulates around shared values and around acts with strong social and human impact.

The Rotary praises by the way the distinction of the Group in the human development through the « National Prize of Human resources » awarded by the AGEF in 2013.

The trophy « Designer » was awarded to the artist and architect of internal Moroccan, Mrs Zhor Jaidi. This artist crossing the world, succeeded in raising high the Moroccan creativity at international level.

A tribute was also paid to Professor Mohammed Berrada, social entrepreneur who dedicated his whole life to the development of his country.

For the Rotary Club Casablanca Mers Sultan, « no physical or moral actor can stay indifferent towards the environment and that it is of the responsibility of all to actively participate in the creation of a more united society facing the 21st century challenges ».

He thus seized the opportunity to call on and mobilize economic actors in order to involve them more towards the civil society. It will be a matter of strengthening through solidarity, the action in the domains of education, environment, health and employment.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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