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Morocco: towards the building of a thermal power plant

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Morocco is moving towards the building of a thermal power plant in Safi (330 km in the South of Rabat) for a global capacity of 1.386 MW and should eventually assure an annual production covering 25 % of the national need in electricity on the horizon 2018, reported our colleagues from APA.

The news agency underlined that in this context, the Head of government, Abdelilah Benkirane chaired, on Wednesday in Rabat, the signing ceremony of the documents relative to the investment contracts of this titanic project which global cost is estimated at 2,6 billion dollars

The financing of this project will be assured for almost half by the Japanese.

Indeed, the Japanese Bank will bring 900 million dollars while other international banks supported by Japan will contribute at the level of 485 million dollars.

Other international banks will inject about 100 million dollars whereas the Islamic Development Bank will invest in this project, 69 million dollars.

The national banks will also take part at the level of 500 million dollars.

« This is the most important foreign investment of the kind in Morocco. It confirms the trust of the international investors in the national economy« , indicated the Minister of Energy, Abdelkader Amara.

The thermal power plant that will be finalized in the course of the first half of the year 2018, will have a positive impact at the national and local level in terms of power supply, transfer of technology and job creation.

In fact, this project will allow the creation of 400 direct indirect jobs and 700 during the exploitation phase and 3.200 jobs during the realization phase.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME