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Moussa Touré: The Senegalese Jury member of festival des Cannes

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« I am very happy that you agreed to be a member of the jury of the official selection « a certain look »(a certain look) during the 67th Cannes film festival that will take place, as you know, from 14th to 25th May 2014. » It was in these words that chairman of Festival des Cannes, Gilles Jacob officialized the presence of Senegalese director Moussa Touré in the jury of the official selection « Un certain regard »

Born in 1958 in Dakar (Senegal), Moussa Touré has a long experience in the domain of Cinema. From his young age, he coped with the environment and doing small jobs. Electrician at first, he became a production assistant before realizing alone his own movies.

With his production structure « Films du crocodile » create in 1987, the Senegalese film-maker realized « Baram« , his very first short film. In 1991, he realized « Toubab Bi » his first full-length film rewarded on several occasions. Jury chairman for Documentary movies at FESPACO 2011, the Senegalese is a connoisseur of the inner working of his activity. He has about ten movies to his credit. His last movie « La Pirogue » realized in 2012 won The Golden screen 2013 that came with an envelope for 2 million FCFA during the 17th edition of “Festival du Cinéma Ecrans Noirs” (Festival of Cinema Black Screens).

Here is the synopsis of the movie « La Pirogue »

A Fishermen’s village in the outer suburbs of Dakar, from where leave numerous boats. At the end of an often murderous crossing, they will join Canary Islands on Spanish territory. Baye Laye is a captain of a fishing boat, he knows the sea. He does not want to leave, but he has no choice. He will have to drive 30 people into Spain. They do not understand one another, some have never seen the sea and nobody knows what is waiting for him.


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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